Building Expansion Rendering

Building Expansion Rendering

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Announcing Tubac Center of the Arts Building Expansion!

Tubac Center of the Arts has outgrown its current space . . . and now ist he time to move forward with expansion and renovation in order to better serve the people of the valley in the 21st century. To accomplish this goal, your help is essential. Several donation options are available.

Currently we have inadequate gallery and performance space, no dedicated workshop and classroom space, no meeting space, no permanent exhibition space, inadequate restroom facilities, shortage of work space, as well as limited shipping and receiving areas.

Additional square footage and renovation will meet our needs for today and into the future, but this cannot be achieved without your support and donations. Thanks to the dedicated support of numerous community leaders, we are halfway to our fundraising goal, but to succeed, we depend on the generous help and donations of all our members and friends.

GOAL: $700,000.
DEADLINE: May, 2012
BREAK GROUND: March 2012
COMPLETION: Fall, 2012

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  1. Am not in support of an expansion at this time for the Tubac Center of the Arts until a proper Community Needs Assessement survey is done for what the community needs. As a museum professional for the past 30 years working for the Smithsonian Institution and Harvard University a proper survey needs to be done before a capital campaign is implemented. Last document I saw said only 8 percent of membership was in support of permanent collection or gallery. Most members wanted more exhibition space, tours, classes etc.

    I would suggest a proper survey be done before building anything.